A Clear Understanding: This is a swingers lifestyle party. You must be at least 21 years of age to attend. At Hotel Parties,There will be open sexual acts of all kinds involving consenting adults. You were aware of this based on the nature of the information provided when you were invited to this party. If you are offended by nudity or any kind of possible combination of multiple men and women engaged in acts that are sexual in nature, then DO NOT ENTER! While most forms of sexual activity are allowed, there are of course some limitations, i.e. No kiddies, No animals, and No violence! If there are other limitations to the sexual expression of members allowed at any given party, such information will be included in the invitations. 
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In exchange for participation in the activity of an organized private hotel party organized by Open Instincts and the operators doing business under the Open Instincts brand and/or use of the property, facilities, and services of Open Instincts  and/or the contracted hotel/event premises. I agree for myself and accompanying members of my family and friends when applicable to the following:

  I/We understand that this event is a swingers lifestyle party. You are aware based on the information provided that you are entering a private event of your own free will and without solicition. If you are offended by nudity or open sexual acts, DO NOT ENTER! This event is organized for the purpose of sexual expression for those in the swing lifestyle in a private party setting. You will encounter all types of sexual expression in the form of witnessing open sex acts between any combination of consenting adults.

 I/We state that the aformentioned activity is not offensive to Me/Us.

  I/We agree to observe all posted rules and warnings, and further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by a Open Instincts  host.

  I/We must be 21 years of age to enter.

  I/We agree not to disclose the event location to anyone. Open Instincts  is not open to the public. By attending events as a screened and approved attendee, you are hereby granted membership to our private party group. Members are granted access to events by paying for a "ticket" that is the members donation to the cost of expenses incurred by the operators of the event and associated private members only club /party group.

  "Ticket" fees are specifically NOT paid for observation or sexual activity that you may engage in while attending any event, meeting, or party organized by Open Instincts . Prostitution is illegal and exchange of money for sex in strictly prohibited. All participates agree that any acts you engage in are of your own free will and an expression of your sexuality without expectation of any form of payment, favor, or deed in return. You also agree not to solicit such in return for any act you perform. Illegal activity will be reported to authorities. No one is obligated to participate in any activity whatsoever.

  I/We agree that our participation at a Open Instincts  party is for our own personal and private purpose of enjoyment. I/We are not attending for the purpose of soliciting other for any illegal purpose, conducting any sort of legal or otherwise investigatory purpose including but not limited to criminal, news reporting, or research and have no official capacity as an attendee.

  I/We agree as members of a private group that we will not disclose any information relative to the group or events including, but, not limited to identities of members, event locations, membership policies, or any other details of the organizers, members, or events for any purpose. Any disclosure by any individual or entity of such private information will be considered a violation of privacy and I/We am aware that Open Instincts  and/or the members thereof will be entitled to damages for any result of such a disclosure.

  I/We agree that we will not drink and drive! I/We have been offered the option of reserving a room at the host hotel and/or been notified and made aware of alternate accommodations within reasonable walking distance of the event location. I/We understand the dangers of operating a vehicle when impaired and farther state that in the event that I/We make the stupid decision to ignore the law and sound advice given to us now, we are solely responsible for this wreck less decision and the consequences and hold Open Instincts  for harmless of fault or liability due to My/Our actions if we leave impaired. Please arrange for a designated driver if you do not plan to stay the night.

  Open Instincts  does not sale alcohol. Events are BYOB or alcohol offered for sales is offered by the venue under it's own license where applicable. BYOB events require that you bring your alcohol with you and take it away when you leave. Unused or unclaimed bottles will be discarded. Any item or service offered by Open Instincts  including mixers, condiments, cups, and volunteers that store and/or serve your drinks to you as a courtesy are free of charge. Our staff members are volunteers and services are optional. I/We hold Open Instincts harmless to liability for your consumption of alcohol at an event if we take advantage of this free service.

  I/We understand that only designated areas that are clearly marked as private areas are clothing optional. The hotel lobby and outdoor areas ARE NOT private areas and you must be fully dressed when outside private areas. This rule is strictly enforced by security. Sex in public is not allowed. Any act beyond a french kiss is considered a sexual act.

  I/We understand that Open Instincts is not responsible for lost/stolen items.

  Photography/Video is only allowed in designated photo areas.

  No Means No! If you approach anyone at our this event whom declines your advances, do not ask again, do not pressure, do not attempt to coerce, Any such behavior will result in termination of membership and expulsion from the event with no refund.

  You are responsible for your hotel room. You have the right to deny access to anyone and if asked to leave someone's room, you must do so immediately. Each guest is responsible for their own room and any damages, cleaning fees, and/or any charges assessed by the hotel for incidentals is the sole responsibility of the party that has booked the room and not of Open Instincts or the organizers.

  NO DRAMA!! You are here to mingle and party with like-minded friends and any action that could jeopardize the enjoyment of the group as a whole in any form may result in removal from the event at the discretion of the organizers and staff.

  I/We assume responsibility for our actions that may cause damages to persons, self, or property and hold Open Instincts harmless of fault in the circumstances of such an event. Sex toys, bondage gear, alcoholic beverages, or any other equipment or any other devices or substances are the property of the guests who bring them. If you choose to partake in any such activity or accept drinks from others, you do so at your own risk.

  I recognize that the above described activities do come with an inherent risk and I assume full responsibility for any loss or personal injury to myself or to others caused by my actions.

  We have the right to deny access to anyone for any reason.

  Weapons, Drugs, and/or illegal activity is strictly prohibited.

Click to email us or you can contact Bobby at 678-544-1014 if you have questions about our group or events. Please text for the fastest response. 
 Open Instincts was founded as a party group for like minded couples to get together and enjoy the freedom of open sexual expression together in a comfortable private party atmosphere. Since our conception, our parties have grown to include couples from 15 different states and 2 other countries! So, we have grown to be one of the biggest lifestyle promoters in the southeast and have expanded our events for our members to include many new options for getting together as a group. The important connection between us all is our desire for any opportunity to get together with a group of friends in a clean, safe, lifestyle friendly environment.  Our group brings together the best of what lifestyle has to offer. We have the most diverse group in the lifestyle welcoming couples of all shapes, sizes, races, age groups, and swing status. Our emphasis is on quality members who make great friends and party mates. Monogamy is a social construct and not a biologically driven one. Humans are not designed to mate for life. All the pills, potions and psycho analysis on this issue do not change the facts. Our instincts are to enjoy a variety of experiences with more than 1 sexual partner.  Open Instincts provides the perfect place for consenting adult couples that have decided to give in together to their most primal desires while building stronger relationships through participation in the swing lifestyle. Open communication, mutual respect, and a passion to live life to the fullest are key to a happy lifestyle adventure! Enjoy yours with us at Open Instincts...Where Imaginations Run Wild!
Our gatherings are meant to be fun for all. No matter your swing status, you will find that we have something for you in our group. We have standards for admittance that you will find create a comfortable environment for everyone. We do not allow single males and we require all who attend act in a way that shows respect to others and your mate. We want to have epic parties with the best drama free group of friends we can build along the way. We organize these events as a way of getting us all together for a great time in a great venue. We are doing this for fun! So, leave your worries behind and cum join us. But, have your limits and boundaries established before you attend. Don't drink more than you can handle and let the ladies lead the way. Those who act in a way that disrupts the event or breaks the rules will be removed. Full rules are posted below.
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